Online Statistics tools have a broad spectrum of potential uses.  Of particular interest to instructors of Adapted Physical Education is produced by Cornell University.  It's titled "Online Resource For U.S. Disability Statistics".  This sight is relevant to my field because it allows educators to tap into statistical data that is relevant to particular disabilities.  This sight had many links related to disabilities, including prevalence, demographic information, rehabilitative success rates, etc.  This type of sight is very useful in providing the best possible resources for disabled students.  I am most impressed with this sight as a jumping off platform, as it leads to an abundant collection of database and statistical tools that can benefit Adapted Educators as well as individuals with disabilities.   
Pros:  In a competitive job market as we have today it is important to stand out.  Portfolios, Personal web sights, and LinkedIn offer people resources to quickly and easily substantiate their qualifications.  LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people of similar professional arcs.  Professional portfolios have great potential for self-marketing.  The ease with which one can navigate many of the programs utilized in Online portfolios and web pages is also a major plus.  It is easier to plug in your data into a resume maker, and the aesthetics are better.

Cons:  In some ways establishing a impressive online presence is an art in itself.  For employers in many fields online sophistication may be a secondary concern to the job at hand.  In emphasizing such tools for employers it may be difficult to find what essential components their seeking in an employee.  For job seekers there are upgrades available for a cost that allow you to enhance your toolbox.  This economic component can be seen as a negative
Professional networking strategies and your personal web presence have a lot of overlap.  Both are representations of yourself that extend beyond the pages of your resume.  By having a professional pwp one can communicate with other people with similar occupations.  By relating to people that you can learn from, and from people who can open up professional opportunities, you can establish a network that will help you advance.  I think they are going to become increasingly important.  In coaching, a professional networking strategy can help with recruiting, getting your athletes to the next level, and developing coaching methods that can help your program.
Wiki's are interesting in that they can be a very collaborative method of information transmission.  I think the relative credibility of certain wiki's has come into question before, but as tools to connect people intellectually they are very effective.  I think it is important to be careful about the accuracy of information that wiki's exhibit.  I always hear people say, "I heard that ...", but they don't always know where the information originated.  Before one jumps off the cliff with the other lemmings it's important to assess the validity of the source.
LinkedIn appears to be more of a professional sight than facebook.  It has lots of emphasis on connecting people in similar fields of emphasis.  It appears to have opportunity based connectivity.  I can see this as being an articulate tool in promoting oneself in the professional world.  I think it's important to make the distinction between your public and private web presence.  
I think there is a burgeoning field of resources affecting the way that educators interact with their classes.  In terms of class management there are many apps that deal with organizational details of being a teacher, from grading to internet content control.  Rather than reaching for the Encyclopedia Brittanica, teachers and students have informational resources that stretch from history to math to science all available from apps.  In physical education there are apps that relate to caloric intake, fat burning, pedometer readings etc.  These could be available as a hands on way to visualize students' health
I found it interesting that many of the sites I have already utilized but had never considered them as educational tools.  I've had experience with a number of course management sights and educational resources listed.  My soccer team uses a doodle poll to get an idea of who's going to make it to our games.  I've used audio recording sights, in terms of music recording.  I think it interesting that many of these sights are so commonplace.  I think it only since I've taken this course that the full breadth of resources for educators has come into view.  It's daunting in some ways but already useful.  I think the major shift in my thinking is that I'm starting to analyze these
Lifedev is a good resource for finding resources.  It has applications and websites that pertain to just about everything.  I've utilized information sharing sites, music sites.  I thought the running websites were interesting, I thought of ways to utilize this in my classes.  Like many

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