I liked the analogy between the tape recorder on the desk and the I-pod in your pocket.  I think the most beneficial aspect of being able to revisit lectures via podcasting is the access to the words of the professors.  The nuance that they provide in lectures can be utilized by students so that they, in essence, have their own tutor.  Having access to the lectures after the fact may help students pay more attention to the big picture during class by not having to worry about

Jordan Glessner
05/30/2013 2:05pm

This is like having your own tutor! I feel though that some students would use this to their advantage by trying to sleep during class, or pay less attention. There will be other students who use this to reinforce topics or catch students up who are absent. This could definitely be a useful tool!

06/02/2013 2:36pm

I remember when people would bring a recorder to record the teacher so they could take the teachers lectures with them. This was beneficial to many of the students who used this technique. So pod cast are doing the same thing via improved technology and students are able to go the pod cast link and hear the instructors lectures.


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