Pros:  In a competitive job market as we have today it is important to stand out.  Portfolios, Personal web sights, and LinkedIn offer people resources to quickly and easily substantiate their qualifications.  LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people of similar professional arcs.  Professional portfolios have great potential for self-marketing.  The ease with which one can navigate many of the programs utilized in Online portfolios and web pages is also a major plus.  It is easier to plug in your data into a resume maker, and the aesthetics are better.

Cons:  In some ways establishing a impressive online presence is an art in itself.  For employers in many fields online sophistication may be a secondary concern to the job at hand.  In emphasizing such tools for employers it may be difficult to find what essential components their seeking in an employee.  For job seekers there are upgrades available for a cost that allow you to enhance your toolbox.  This economic component can be seen as a negative

06/13/2013 10:42pm

Brandon, I agree completely. The part that I enjoyed about the online resume builder was that it was simple to input your data and your page was pretty much built for you. The negative to that is that it feels very difficult to stand out in a competitive interview process, almost as if you must hope that the business searches for your exact correct matches and that your resume is somewhat exclusive.


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