There are two parts to my job, one is in Adapted P.E., and the other is coaching tennis.  I've seen some opportunities for utilizing the technology were learning about in both classes.  One about our adapted courses, is that many of our students have difficulty getting exercise when school is out.  By providing them resources on a class website, we could enable them to access material that would help them continue to get exercise properly.  Adding links to sites that provide services or information for people with disability could be a very useful tool.  Creating a facebook page for the class would be a way for classmates to connect.  Many of our students need social stimulus as much as exercise.  The You-Tube video below, is a short piece from PBS about disabled drivers and their experiences getting gas at the gas station.  Videos such as this could be a valuable resource to our students who drive.  Many people with disabilities have to go to great lengths (bus rides, para-transit reservations, etc.) to get answers to their questions.  If they have computers, they can get answers and access to resources from their home. 

In coaching tennis there are opportunities in technology as well.  If a player has an upcoming match with a serve and volley opponent a coach could utilize podcasts about strategic game plans.  Sending the player links of professional matches where a baseline player was effective, or wasn't effective, against a serve and volley opponent would be useful as well.  Many instructors use video in their lessons as a way of cataloguing issues related to a players technique.  Visual imagery can be an effective resource for athletes, and can be easily accessed through technology we've perused in this course.

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