-I like Marjorie Duffy's PWP as an example of an educator giving access to resources regarding her classes.  She allows students to peruse her philosophy on education and gives potential students a sense of what her class will entail.  She clearly recites her educational background and gives a overview of who she is as a person.  I think this is a very effective way to communicate with students.
-I thought the graphic layout of her sight could use some enhancement, but she did blend text and pictures well.
-Professor Duffy had a even blend of personal and professional components on her site.  She exhibited a biography of her educational and occupational path.  Her path to becoming a professor of computer science was circuitous, which exhibits to her students that opportunities will open up to people willing to take risks to enhance their lives.
-I think my PWP, as an educator, would need more attention upon the professional aspects of my life.  I spent more tim

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