I work in Adaptive P.E. helping students with a wide variety of disabilities.  In this field my greatests strength is the patience and humor I bring to our students.  Aside from the physical rehabilitative aspects of our classes, some of the most enduring qualities that students take is a sense of community and belonging that many in our classes struggle to find.  What I bring to the class is laughter, motivation, and understanding.  From students who are post-stroke, to students with ms, to students with muscular dystrophy or chronic back pain, I have a good ability to connect with them in a positive way.  What I can improve on is in acquiring more condition specific details, in terms of rehabilitation that can enhance what I have to offer.  I love my job because I feel like I help people, I think you can't overvalue that.  Loving your job is a strength in itself.

05/14/2013 11:40pm

I completely agree with what you said, "Loving your job is a strength in itself." I am fortunate to also love my job. I teach health and wellness to high school students and am the varsity volleyball coach. The whole reason I am in this career is because I want to make a positive impact on people's lives and I believe teachers and coaches have that amazing ability.

I want to commend you on your job. My little sister is in college pursuing a degree teaching kids with disabilities. She has such a huge heart to help people and God has really gifted her in working in that community. Keep up the good work!

Kilynn Woods

Gregory Lazaga
05/15/2013 11:19am

I am sure that you are a wonderful teacher. Your posts are encouraging. I have recently spent the past 2 months at the UC Davis Medical center with my son who has a traumatic brain injury. It is definitely true that humor and patience are required, and it is great that those are your strengths.
I coach at Burbank high school and send players to CRC all the time. We will have to connect some time.
God Bless.

Darryl Hardwick
05/15/2013 6:42pm


It takes a special person to work with adaptive P.E. students and I want commend you for giving of yourself and working with these students who have been through so much in their lives. I have taught P.E. for the last twenty years and I have seen a lot of great people working in this field to give these students a great experience not only in P.E. but in life. Keep doing what your doing, your making a difference!


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